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We are a team of two Paris based fashion editors. But don’t be fooled by the big city life aspect of that association! We met on the beach during holidays  in south of France in 2010. That summer, we discovered we had a common dream: bringing creativity to life with the sun and sand in the back of our minds. 

We are a limited edition only designer, creating exclusivity. Production is slow, each creation is made in a small and numbered run.  Every piece is created, designed and manufactured by Motel 202. There’s a very deep thinking process behind each piece.


Motel 202 calls to mind, travel, freedom and spontaneity.  It’s where we pause on our travels, a place where we act on impulse and enjoy unexpected encounters. 202 represents the two of us, our duality and complementarity.

We wish to create pieces inspired by mystic places, keeping in mind the high standards of style and quality we cherish.  Every new edition of Motel 202 will transport you into a new world, with the unique feeling of owning something exclusive and exceptional.


“We don’t know where Motel 202 will take us, but we hope you will follow us with your eyes closed…”

Sophie & Sharleen

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About Us